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No-nonsense bookkeeping

We think it's important that you don't have to worry about the numbers. As an entrepreneur, you are already busy enough. Overview, structure and clarity, that's what we offer you. We don't make it harder than it is. We ensure that your accounting is correct, that your declarations are sent out on time (and correctly) and that you always know where you stand.

What makes us most happy: the companies where we can really mean something. Because we take work off your hands, so you can focus on your business. Because we help you make the right choices with smart advice. Because we ensure that you always know where you stand (financially) and how you can get more out of your company. Because together we achieve the best results.


For whom and by whom?

At Brand Accountants we mainly focus on the self-employed and small companies. For example, you can contact us for the following:

  • Are you a starting entrepreneur? We are happy to tell you everything you need to know for a flaming start.
  • Is administration not your thing? Do you leave it on too long, do you find it complicated or do you just want to get rid of it? We help you with a simple and crystal-clear system.
  • Do you get lost in the regulations, exemptions, legislation and subsidies? Our industry specialists know exactly what is relevant for your company.
    Always tailor-made

We are happy to get to work for you, with the matters that you want to leave with us. If you want to do as little as possible yourself, we will gladly take everything off your hands. Do you do most of the work yourself, and are you mainly looking for someone to prepare your annual figures or check your tax return? We like to do that too.

We do not have standard packages. Together we look at what you need and adjust our services accordingly.

A little more about our background

Brand Bookkeepers was founded in 1983 by Otto Paul Brand. Our team consists of about 20 people, partly freelance and partly employed. And around it, of course, a flexible network of professionals and experts, including lawyers, tax specialists, register accounts, lawyers and civil-law notaries.

Personal contact is important to us. And fair rates. We work transparently, without hassle. With Brand Boekhouders we focus on independent entrepreneurs and small companies. Do you have big plans or do you want to keep growing? Then we would like to welcome you to Brand Corporate, our branch for larger companies and complex organizations.

About the team

Our team consists of about twenty people at five locations in the Netherlands. We work from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Nijmegen and The Hague. If you don't attach much value to a local office, it's good to know that we can also work completely digitally. Just what you like!



We help more than 380 actively managed private companies


We help over 600 freelancers and sole proprietors
Brand Boekhouders

4.7 / 5 – 18 reviews

With the switch from a large office to Drs. Brand the bill suddenly turns out to be affordable again and I don't get an invoice for every little thing, but I pay a pre-agreed price. (...)

Sophie van 't Laar

On board since 2019

Top bookkeeper! Fast processing and quick assistance. Not expensive. Recommended! Greetings Monique Vries!

Monique Vries

On board since 2021

Mr. O.P.Brand is very experienced and treats his assignments with care and attention. The customer's wishes are central. Very satisfied!

Anisa Ahmadi

On board since 2017

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